Eating and Drinking

Food throughout Cyprus is generally hearty rather than refined, and on the middle-of-the-road tourist circuit at least can seem monotonous after a few days. In many respects resort food -especially in the South -is the unfortunate offspring of generic Middle Eastern, and British, cooking at its least imaginative; the (under)fried potato is the tyrant of the kitchen, resulting in a "chips with everything" style of cuisine. If all else fails you can seek solace in the excellent beer, brandies and wine of the South. Restaurant fare in the North is a bit lighter and more open to outside influences, especially mainland Turkish, but is still heavily Anglicized.

All this is unfortunate, since once off the beaten track, or in a private home, meals are consistently interesting and appetizing, even if they'll never get a single star from Michelin. Less obvious, vegetable-based delights derived from such home cooking.